2006 Field Day
Field Day 2006
Field Day 2006 was held on June 24-25th and the event was a BIG success. We held the event at Castle Rock State Park! (See below for a topo map of the area.) Thank you to everyone who helped to plan and make the 2006 Field Day a success and to all who joined us! We hope that more of you will be able to join us next year. In the meanwhile, here are some photos of the fun we had!
Sam & Yin getting ready to raise tower.
Yin, Sam & Kelly appraise the situation.
Sam raising wire while Yin looks on.
Raising the tower for Station 1
Christina doing "kitchen" duty
Jim, Kelly, & Yin affixing the elements.
Jim pondering the Station 1 antenna element
Jim looks at the element for Station 1
Jim & ?? affix the element to the antenna.
Jim and ?? scope out the roof.
The Station 2 tower arrives.
Station 2
The Station 2 tower wating to be raised.
Rob, Keith, Yin & ??? attach the elements.
Keith, Rob, Yin & ?? attach the elements.
The antenna waiting to be affixed to the tower.
Dick lifts the antenna while Keith and ?? look on.
Rob, Dick, Keith & ?? raise the antenna.
Don & Walt waiting to raise the tower.
Yin raises the tower while Rob looks on.
Al climbs the tower to attach the next element.
Station 2 antenna ready to rock and roll!
Rob climbs the Station 2 tower.
Rob gets ready to take down the antenna.
Rob getting ready to take down the antenna.
Rob getting ready to take down the antenna.
Rob says goodbye to the Station 2 antenna.


2006 ARRL Field Day Contest Results
Pacific Division

# Call Score Category QSOs Power Mult GOTA Call Section Participants Club
1 W6KB 11,890 2A 3,948 2 N6CT SF 30 Redwood Empire DX Assn
2 K6AO 9,432 2A 2,846 2 WB6GEF SV 11 Mother Lode DX and Contest Club
3 K6SA 6,086 2A 1,690 2 K6NN SCV 13 SARA - Saratoga ARA
4 W6A 6,002 2A 1,562 2 N6FOG SJV 54 Madera CTY ARC
5 KH6J 5,740 2A 1,356 2 KH7Q PAC 35 Koolal ARC and Emergency ARC
6 W6TO 5,380 2A 1,348 2 W6PSQ SJV 25 FRESNO ARC
7 W6UQ 4,188 2A 1,148 2   SCV 18 San Mateo RC
8 W6UW 3,438 2A 948 2 W6UU SCV 15 SCCARA
9 K6YA 3,400 2A 772 2   SCV 35 Foothills ARS
10 W6SF 3,030 2A 1,025 2 WB6NVB SJV 24 Stockton-Delta ARC


The following meals were provided on site:

  • Friday Dinner
  • Saturday Breakfast
  • Saturday Lunch
  • Saturday Dinner
  • Sunday Breakfast

Directions: The Castle Rock State Park site is on the left, one mile south of Hwy 9 on Skyline (Summit) Road. (See location data below and topo map.) The entrance road angles to the left at 30 degrees so you have to turn around in the road turnout just beyond the entrance on the right. Look for the SARA Field Day sign!

Here's the onsite satellite location info:

  • Call Box number SC-35-131 (on Skyline, turnout on the right, just the past entrance to the park. From the turnout, do a u-turn and then the next right into the driveway.)
  • 2743 ft elevation
  • 37.24652 Lat North
  • 122.10936 Long West
  • Maidenhead grid square - CM87wf