2005 Field Day
Field Day 2006
Field Day 2005 was held on June 25-26, 2005 and the event was a great success. We held the event at Castle Rock State Park. A lot of preparation and organization was put into our 2005 Field Day event. You can find out more about the rules for Field Day 2005, here. We had four stations: 2 HF stations, 1 GOTA station and one station that did VHF/UHF/Satellite. Thank you to everyone who helped to plan and make the 2005 Field Day a success and to everyone who joined us.
David Ritchie - W6DR
Dick Crouch - N6RC
David Ritchie, W6DR
Dick Crouch, N6RC
Don Anastasia - AA6W
Kitchen - GOTA
Don Anastasia, AA6W
Christina Sand, KG6ORH, (in red), at the Kitchen
Rick Tavan - N6XI
Station 1 Antenna
Rick Tavan, N6XI
Station 1
Station 1 Antenna
Station 1 Antenna
Station 1 Antenna
Station 1 Antenna
Station 1 Antenna
Yijn Shih - N9YS
Station 1 Antenna
Yin Shih, N9YS at the Kitchen
Station 1 Antenna
Station 2 Antenna
Station 1
Station 2 and Antenna
Station 2 Kitchen
Yin Shih - N9YS
Station 2, Kitchen & GOTA
Yin Shih, N9YS


2005 ARRL Field Day Contest Results
Pacific Division

# Call Score Category QSOs Power Mult GOTA Call Section Participants Club
1 W6KB 12,058 2A 3,936 2 N6CT SF 27 Redwood Empire DX Assn
2 K6AO 8,902 2A 2,616 2 K6TKD SV 10 Mother Lode DX & Contest Club
3 W6TO 6,348 2A 1,673 2 AE6SX SJV 20 Fresno ARC
4 KH6J 6,272 2A 1,508 2 KH7Q PAC 110 Koolau ARC
5 K6SA 5,486 2A 1,574 2 K6NN SCV 10 Saratoga Amateur Radio Assn
6 W6UQ 4,662 2A 1,435 2 KG6SMR SCV 18 San Mateo Radio Club
7 KH6EJ 4,106 2A 798 2   PAC 69 Big Island ARC
8 K6YA 4,028 2A 1,097 2   SCV 35 Foothills ARS
9 K6XG 4,004 2A 1,018 2 W6ZZK SF 49 Humboldt ARC
10 W7V 2,606 2A 691 2 W7LKO NV 16 Elko ARC


A site survey was held on the morning of April 2, 2005, on location. After the site survey it was determined that we would need a day to clean it up. Clean Up Day, held on Saturday, June 4, 2005, at 9:00 AM, was a great success! We removed several bags of trash, pieces of old rusty metal, and swept and washed out the blockhouses. We also painted over the grafitti adorning at least one of the blockhouses. It is now sporting a new shade of institutional pastel green.

The following meals were provided on site:

  • Friday Dinner
  • Saturday Breakfast
  • Saturday Lunch
  • Saturday Dinner
  • Sunday Breakfast

Directions: The Castle Rock State Park site is on the left, one mile south of Hwy 9 on Skyline (Summit) Road. (See location data below and topo map.) The entrance road angles to the left at 30 degrees so you have to turn around in the road turnout just beyond the entrance on the right. Look for the SARA Field Day sign!

Here's the onsite satellite location info:

  • Call Box number SC-35-131 (on Skyline, turnout on the right, just the past entrance to the park. From the turnout, do a u-turn and then the next right into the driveway.)
  • 2743 ft elevation
  • 37.24652 Lat North
  • 122.10936 Long West
  • Maidenhead grid square - CM87wf